DBL Sustainability
DBL Ceramics Sustainability is based on five pillars: People, Process, Product, Community and Environment; thus integrating a holistic approach towards Sustainability. For each pillar, there are a number of Sustainable Action Programs in place – both on large and small scales and short and long terms – through which the sustainability plans are translated into actions.

As an organization, DBL Ceramics realizes its responsibility towards its people: our employees. Our company understands how the business practices impact our employees and we work to serve in their best interests.
DBL Ceramics is committed to continuously improve all its business processes: ranging from purchasing raw materials to transporting final finished goods. We give a strong emphasis on eliminating non-value added activities while delivering quality products on time with the least effect on the environment and greater efficiency.
DBL Ceramics continuously works towards improving the quality of the products, and all the processes that go into making the final finished product, and ensures to minimize the negative impact on the environment and the consumers. The R&D department is actively involved in creating new and researching existing products and the processes associated with them.